Let’s Sing: A Post-Summit Interview with Florence Moyer

by Jessica Steward on March 25, 2014

If you enjoyed the closing coaches’ singalong led by Master Coach Florence Moyer, then you’ll love this post-summit interview with FloMo! In it, Flo shares more on her personal background with singing and choral direction, as well as more information on the song that we all sang together at the end!

ThulaKlizeo_000ThulaKlizeo_000Many people in the tribe don’t know that in addition to being a coach, teacher, activist, and bunny lover, you are also a choral director. How’d that happen?

ThulaKlizeo_000 10009281_10152714408334778_1536365144_nOne of my earliest memories is standing on the footstool in the living room, hairbrush for a mic, and singing along with my big brothers’ Herman’s Hermits LPs.

The great thing about doing undergrad at a small school with no music major is that I got to be in choir, a bunch of instrumental ensembles, and either on stage or backstage for just about every play produced in the four years I was there. I definitely spent more time in the music building than in the library.

Church choir and community theater sustained me through the first iteration of my career, and I responded to what we call a quarter life crisis these days by ditching my executive gig in hospital administration and to earn undergrad and graduate degrees in music education, first as a voice major then in choral conducting.

I was offered a job as a church choir director within days of enrolling in music school, and they offered to hire sub organists for six months while I took organ lessons. Coincidence? I think not. After 20 plus years of playing the organ, singing in and directing choirs, doing community theater and teaching middle schoolers to play the recorder (yikes, right?), my favorite thing about music – well, one of my favorite things in life – is making music in community.

I’ve recently started to come into my own as a solo singer and, even there, the thing I love is the interaction between singer, conductor, orchestra and audience.

Tell us a little about the song you chose to close the summit. What are it’s origins? Why did you choose this song?

Like so many things, I pondered (resisted, goofed off on Facebook) for a long, long time but, when the deadline loomed, the right answer felt like it just appeared.

I wanted a folk song, preferably passed down through generations via the aural tradition, that was simple to sing. I thought a connection to Africa, especially South Africa, would be cool. I remembered how much I loved this national conference of choral directors where we started the plenary sessions singing together and that the song leader taught us this African song. When I looked it up and read the lyrics, it blew me away, because the lyrics were a perfect fit with the “home” theme of the Summit.

The words mean: Be still my heart, for even here I am home.

I talk about the writing of the song and the evolution of the dance on the mp3, but the important message, I think, is that we can take both our home and our power with us anywhere and access them in different, but still authentic, ways in all kinds of different situations. I hope the song will be a touchpoint to remind us all of that.

Download the song here>

As someone who loves to sing, what does music mean to you? Why do you want to share it with others?

We’ve all heard the line about music being the universal language so many times that I think it’s easy to dismiss it as cheesy, but in my experience, singing is so universal – and essential – it transcends language.

I belted show tunes with my fellow marching band geek friends on the tour bus, little kids in a tiny village in Hungary sang along when our choir did Stevie Wonder covers and singing both the Mozart Requiem and the Brahms Requiem, with two different choirs, in two different cities, the day after my oldest brother died (how’s that for a hot track?) helped me to both celebrate his life and heal like nothing else I can imagine.

The thing about singing that I most want to share is that it’s not only something we all can do – no matter what the nasty choir director told us about just mouthing the words – but something that we’re all called to do, live and in community.

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